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Yugioh Basic RPG

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Yugioh Basic RPG Empty Yugioh Basic RPG

Post  KingdomNeos Sat Oct 04, 2008 1:23 pm

To start off with the first Yugioh forum here am just going to keep it simple as I can't think of any good ideas for an rpg.

This RPG is outside of the yugioh universe and now to set up the rules

1. Follow advanced format for decks
2. PM me your characters to approve
3. upto 3 Made up cards are allowed in this RPG will note on it as * next to its card name as broken and non-playable
4. Keep it PG language to be keep to a minanum plus not 18+ stuff

The set up for the seking ton for this RPG is

Made Up:

For the dueling at the end of the turn post this.


Characters of this RPG sofar

Name: Thomas Zero
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Deck: Elemental Hero
Apperance: Yugioh Basic RPG Yusei_Fudo
Bio: A duelist who enjoys the card game and an expericaned duelist with his Elemental Hero Deck, Thomas has also the ability to see duel monster spirits for an unknown reason like his winged kuriboh (extention: and Elemental Hero Kingdom Neos).
Made Up
1. Elemental Hero Kingdom Neos
Lv 10 Light
Elemental hero Neos + Winged Kuriboh
This monster can only be fusion summoned by using the required matireal monsters. Once per turn you can discard up to 3 cards to desrtoy cards on the feild equal to the number of cards you discarded, if you use this effect skip you next draw phase's equal to the number of cards destroyed -1. when this card is destroyed as a result of battle reduce all battle damage to 0 and remove this card from play.
Atk/3000 Def/2000
2. Elemental Hero Charger
lv 7 Wind
When you cantrol no monster on your side of the feild and your opponent controls a monster with 1500 atk or more on their side of the feild you can specail summon this card from your hand to your side of the feild.
Atk/2500 Def/1000
3. Hero Force
Continues Spell
Double the attack of all lv 4 or less Elemental Hero in their card name, during the end phase you must discard 1 card from your hand to the graveyard if you cannot do that destroy this card.

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